BlackSilicon CArbide (C )


Black ,frangible and sharp,good thermal conductivity and electric conductivity . Raw material  are petroleum coke and quality silicon sand ,appended with salt ,then smelt in electric arc furnace. 

Microcosmic shape is a hexagonal crystal ,

mohs hardness is 9.3 ,

microhardness is 2940-3300kg/mm2,

density generally view is 3.20-3.25g/mm3 ,

density of heap is 1.2-1.6g/mm3,

specific gravity is 3.20-3.25.


 Main application: solar wafer,semiconductor wafer and quartz chip wire sawing and lapping;bonded and coated abrasive tools:stone polishing;processing metal and non-ferrous metal with low tensile strength ,such as:gray pig iron ,brass,aluminum ,stone,leather and rubber.


Standard: FEAP- F (For bonded abrasives), 

                    FEPA- P (For coated abrasives)

Grit available:  Grit FEPA F12 – F220#. 

                                         F240-F2000# (Micropowder)

                         Grit FEPA P12-220#. 

                                       P240-P2500# (Micropowder)
Other sizes are alsoavailable on request.