White Fused Alumina  (WA)




Code: WA


      White Fused Alumina is made by Aluminium Oxide powder. It is electrically fused in high temperature. It is white. Compared with Brown fused alumina, its hardness is a little higher, but its toughness is little lower. Our WA has the features of stable quality, well-distributed particle size composition, low magnetic substance content, high bulk density and toughness, good toughness, and high cleanliness, etc.

      The abrasive tools made by WA are suitable for grinding high-carbon steel, high-speed steel and chilled steel, etc. In addition, it can be also used for polishing materials, precision casting sand, spraying materials, chemical catalyst carrier, special ceramics and high-grade refractories, etc.

  As coating abrasive grains, White Fused Alumina features very strong anti-erosion and grinding ability. Because its grains are sharpened and multangular, there is no clogging situation when grinding. It is suitable for sanding all kinds of soft material, such as wood, plastic, etc. 


Standard:      FEAP- F (For Bonded abrasives), 

                          FEPA- P (For Coated abrasives).

Grit available:  Grit FEPA F12 – F220#. 

                                             F240-F2000# (Micropowder)

                          Grit FEPA P12-220#. 

                                             P240-P2500# (Micropowder)

Other sizes are also available on request.